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Callaway Performance

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Callaway Performance Cars

Callaway Corvettes, Camaros & Silverados at Uftring Chevy Saab

Callaway Corvette

Callaway has been creating performance cars for over 30 years, and the Corvette is their bread and butter. If you're looking for a wickedly fast Corvette with a unique appearance that will make your friends and other drivers envious, you can't go wrong with a Callaway Corvette. With performance rivaling supercars that cost hundreds of thousands more, a Callaway Corvette provides a beautiful bang for your buck.

Callaway Camaro

With the release of the all-new Camaro in recent years Callaway is now putting together performance packages for this iconic American muscle car. We have just recently received our first Callaway Camaro in stock and it is a thrill to drive. With a lowered suspension, a supercharger, 572 horsepower and much, much more, this is a Camaro unlike any other on the road. We can't wait for more to arrive!

Callaway Silverado

A performance truck? Why not. Callaway's goal with the Silverado was to make it handle like a Corvette. We are currently waiting to place our order for a Callaway Silverado truck, but please stay tuned to our Twitter and Facebook page for updates about when we're expecting the arrival of this one of a kind performance truck.
Our convenient location here in Central Illinois provides easy access not only for performance car and Corvette and Camaro enthusiasts in Peoria, but also for performance car fans in Chicago, the Quad Cities, Springfield, St. Louis, and beyond. We hope to see you soon at Uftring Chevy Saab!