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Callaway Corvette Dealer

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Uftring Chevrolet - Your Callaway Corvette Headquarters in Illinois
Uftring Chevrolet has just recently become a Callaway Corvette dealer, one of only 28 in the entire nation. With thousands of Chevrolet dealers, this is a very selective club with very few members. It's an elite group that is an honor and a privilege for the dealership to be a part of and one that you will enjoy the benefits of by shopping at Uftring Chevy. This achievement was reached through the hard work of the entire dealership, as each group had to put up superior performance. It's great news for those who are shopping for a Corvette in central and downstate Illinois, the Quad Cities, Springfield, Bloomington, St. Louis, Indianapolis and beyond. What this means for our customers is that Uftring Chevrolet will have some of the absolute best, highest performing and most desirable Corvettes in the world. Uftring Chevy will be the largest and most specialized Corvette dealer outside of Chicago, serving and supplying central and downstate Illinois, Indianapolis, St. Louis, the Quad Cities and beyond with great Corvettes. If you're looking for a Corvette, look no further. We have the whole range to fit your price and performance expectations, from baseline new and used Corvettes through high end Callaway machines. On top of that we also hold a trump card in our Callaway Cars Specialist, Chris Kamp. He will provide you with a superior Corvette experience that is custom tailored to your needs and desires.

It isn't enough to simply have Corvettes. It isn't enough to simply have some of the best Corvettes money can buy. It's necessary to have an expert on the subject. What good is a top university without its professors, a world class recording studio without sound engineers or the space shuttle without rocket scientists? Without these experts all of the tools, resources and equipment would be for naught. This is where Chris Kamp steps in. Sure, you could buy a Corvette from nearly any Chevrolet dealer. But just as all schools, studios and space programs aren't the same and deliver varying results, there's a difference in the dealer you choose for your Corvette experience.