History of the Corvette Logo

As Central Illinois Corvette Headquarters, we are passionate about Corvettes. The iconic American sports car has changed a lot over the years from looks to power and branding. Join us as we break down the evolution of the Corvette logo.

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1955 Corvette Logo

Who designed the First Corvette logo?

The first Corvette logo was created by Robert Bartholomew in 1953 for the C1 Corvette model. This simple design laid the groundwork for the modern logo we see today. It features the French lily symbol and the Chevrolet logo flag crossed with a racing flag on the right side. The French Fleur-de-lis symbol represents peace and purity.

World's First V8-Powered Chevrolet Corvette

1955 Corvette Logo


In 1955, the logo was changed to a 3-D silver and bronze metal design with a V-shape symbol framing the flags. This year was one of the most influential as it introduced the first Corvette with a V8 engine; also known as the 1955 Chevrolet Corvette EX87. The Corvette popularity grew leading into 1963 when the C2 Corvette Stingray generation came about featured in the new logo. By 1968, the C3 Chevrolet Corvette was released. The word "Corvette" in the emblem was removed and changed back to the 3-D silver metal material. This logo featured just the crossed flags and "Stingray" cursive lettering underneath. This logo remained throughout 1982.


1982 C4 Corvette Badge

In our opinion, the 1982 logo is the most unique as it features an abstract, geometric representation of the flags – a simple black circle and a long trapezoid across. This time, the racing flag pattern was on the left and the red was on the right. The French lily was also removed and simplified with just the gold Chevy bowtie.

1982 Corvette Logo

5 Most Recent Corvette Logos By Year

In 1997, the C5 Corvette was introduced. The French symbol was brought back along with the black, white and red color scheme. The flags are crossed and each element features a black and faint gray outline.

Along with a Corvette model redesign featuring modern headlights, a new engine and the first-ever navigation system, the Corvette logo was updated again in 2005. This emblem was displayed on the C6 Corvette model. It appears with “CORVETTE” in all capital letters and a wide Y wing shape for the two flags. On the right, the French lily features two shades of red and on the left, the Chevy bowtie is seen in gold. A white and black outline surrounds the whole logo.

From 2014-2019, the C7 Chevy Corvette brought back the metallic, 3-dimensional look with a silver outline and slight changes in the Corvette lettering. The 2020 logo we still see today on the new C8 Corvette is outlined in black with a gray and black checkered flag. The only element of gold is the Chevy bowtie.

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It is amazing to see how far the Corvette has come over the past 70 plus years. We hope you now have a better understanding of the history of the Corvette and its branding. If you are interested in becoming a Corvette owner and want to custom order a new Corvette or reserve a new Chevy, we would love to assist you! We have access to Classic Corvettes for sale, Used Corvettes and New Corvettes.

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